July 2017

Utah Medical Marijuana Ballot Question Running Up a Considerable Bill to Taxpayers

Utah medical marijuana is likely on its way, but before it gets there, taxpaying residents need to swallow the costs of just getting it on the ballot. Utah is sandwiched between two states that have legalized recreational marijuana, Nevada and Colorado, and the legal marijuana business is booming in both of those states. Utah is seeing its residents regularly flock […]

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Cannabis Recall in Denver for Molds and Mites

A cannabis recall recently occurred at a dispensary in Denver for an infestation of mites and mold. Most states mandate that dispensaries have their legal cannabis lab tested for these very reasons. Otherwise, people ingest unknown compounds in the form of pesticides, molds and tiny bugs and it is unknown what the result will be. If you are purchasing legal […]

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Republicans Say No to Sessions Regarding Medical Marijuana

Republicans say a lot in regards to which way the country should be going, as do democrats, but typically republicans agree with other republicans and democrats agree with other democrats. The current administration though is certainly stirring the pot. Attorney General Jeff Sessions is a republican and also a strong opponent of marijuana in any form. Republicans currently control every […]

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Massachusetts Employers Prevented From Firing Employees for having Medical Marijuana Prescriptions

Massachusetts employers prevented from terminating employees that fail drug tests because they have medical marijuana in their system and valid medical marijuana cards, are unsure of what to do next. The Massachusetts’ Supreme Court ruled that employees with medical marijuana cards could not be fired for testing positive for THC in their system during routine employer drug tests. It certainly […]

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