August 2019

The Mighty Cannagar, How I Made One By Myself

Just in time for my 40th birthday, I received a pretty amazing package. I have been to dispensaries all over the country and one of the products that I have always been drawn to, but never tried, are cannagars. Until now that is. I opened a USPS package at my home in Florida after returning … Source Source: MJFeed

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Maverick Technology Solutions Launches Rosinbomb M-60 Extraction Press

Maverick Technology Solutions (OTC:MVRK), industry leading developer and manufacturer of the highly acclaimed ROSINBOMB™ line of extraction presses and technology, is pleased to announce the launch of its production-grade press, the M-60 with Patent Pending Flow Channel Technology™. The M-60 is a monumental leap forward in solventless press technology and the third in a series … Source Source: MJFeed

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Global Alliance for Cannabis Commerce – A New Organization Pushing for Cannabis Law Reform

Cannabis commerce remains very challenging due to the federal Schedule 1 status of cannabis. Maintaining merchant services, advertising restrictions along with accessing loans and other banking services make scaling cannabis companies entirely too challenging. The Global Alliance for Cannabis Commerce intends to hit the very heart of the problem on Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. … Source Source: MJFeed

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Dispensary Tours: Temescal Wellness, Hudson, Massachusetts

Clickable Table of Contents Introduction Interview Parking Temescal Wellness Budtenders Town of Hudson, Massachusetts Introduction After 24 years growing up in Massachusetts, and then another 16 years of frequent visits to Mass from my home in Florida, my recent trip to the Temescal Wellness cannabis dispensary in Hudson, Massachusetts felt more satisfying than I can … Source Source: MJFeed

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