Affordability of Medical Cannabis Relative to Pharmaceuticals May Be Solution to Healthcare

The affordability of medical marijuana could be part of the potential solution to the United States’ healthcare issue. There are many that might argue that medical marijuana should be more affordable than it currently is, but even as things stand now, medical marijuana would likely reduce the amount of pharmaceutical drugs a patient would take. The reduction in cost could come from just reduced volume of drugs being taken as a whole.

No matter your political affiliation, most people can agree that health care in the United States is in desperate need of repair. Both sides of the aisle have their issues with America’s health care system, and both sides are right AND wrong. Meanwhile, patients suffer with both ongoing illness and unaffordable costs. A combined approach tackling political, insurance, regulatory, cultural, and lifestyle issues would put us on a path towards real positive change – but we’re not going to accomplish all of that anytime soon.

We can have a pretty realistic conversation about one solution and how many issues that one solution could solve – and it’s been sitting right in front of our faces for thousands of years. We’re talking about CBD Oil (and for simplicities sake were talking about all the varieties of CBD compounds found in cannabis).

In fact, cannabis was known for thousands of years as a medicine and not a narcotic. It was only within the last 100 years that propaganda changed the cultural sentiments about cannabis. Now that technology has allowed us to study and isolate CBD’s we have an even stronger understanding of their specific benefits. A recent article by listed the top 5 problems with healthcare. Let’s look at how CBD Oil could help solve some of these issues.

Too much unnecessary health care was listed as the first issue. Between over-prescribing medication to redundant testing and procedures that aren’t needed, our health care system is bogged down by unnecessary health care. Prescription medications are a big part of that. Consider the resources that one prescription drug ties up in the health care system. Further that thought with the fact that the vast majority of prescriptions treat one specific ailment. CBD oil, on the other hand, is a fairly cost-effective compound to extract and is easy to adjust both in concentration and delivery method. The slam-dunk is CBD’s ability to treat so many illnesses in this cost-effective way.

For example, patient number one is diagnosed with social-anxiety disorder and suffers from chronic back pain. They would more than likely be taking a daily pill regiment of Prozac, Xanax, and Celebrex. Patient two has the same diagnosis but only takes CBD oil, probably as an ingestible for the anxiety and a topical for the back pain. How much simpler of a solution is that? We’ve just cut down drastically on resources needed to treat one patient’s ailments. We’ve avoided all the red tape of complicated lab procedures for three medications by manufacturing one simple solution from the earth.

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