American Medical Marijuana Physicians Association Approves Tech

The American Medical Marijuana Physicians Association is the leading physician based group in the U.S. concerned with medical cannabis. The American medical marijuana model has a long a way to go but certainly innovations in software need to be used to organize and and analyze data. There is not enough research on the medical applications of cannabis.

Alternate Health Corp (“Alternate Health” or the “Company”) (CSE:AHG) (OTC:AHGIF), an international medical cannabis company that uses best-in-class technology, research, education, production and laboratories to increase the awareness, regulatory compliance, and appropriate usage of cannabinoids in modern medical practices, today announced that the American Medical Marijuana Physicians Association (AMMPA) has endorsed the Company’s CanaPass patient management software.

“AMMPA’s commitment to physician advocacy means that we are always looking for products that will help increase compliance, decrease liability, and improve patient outcomes in the medial marijuana industry,” says Dr. Orlando Florete, MD, President of the American Medical Marijuana Physicians Association. “We believe that CanaPass and its U.S. equivalents will be a benefit to physicians that recommend alternative medical treatments in a safe and legal environment.”

Based in Clermont, Florida, AMMPA’s mission is to support physicians and patients who utilize medical marijuana as a treatment alternative in the setting of a legally indicated diagnosis. With over 650 physician members, AMMPA is a leader in providing physicians with comprehensive support in education, compliance and legal advocacy.

“We are honored to receive AMMPA’s recognition of the CanaPass system’s unparalleled focus on transparency and compliance,” says Jade Green, Vice-President, Sales and Marketing, at Alternate Health. “This endorsement represents another step forward as we aim to set the standard in cannabis-specific medical software across North America.”

The CanaPass system is a cloud-based software platform that manages the end-to-end transactions involved with providing safe access to medical cannabis for eligible patients. CanaPass’s key features include the ability to view a patient’s purchase history and monitor a patient’s response to cannabis products, allowing physicians to make recommendation adjustments to improve overall patient outcomes.

“We are excited to see one of Alternate Health’s key technology assets receiving recognition from such an influential and respected organization of physicians,” says Dr. Michael Murphy, CEO of Alternate Health. “The CanaPass system solves a number of challenges in the field of medical cannabis, setting us up for new opportunities in this rapidly developing sector.”

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