Arkansas Cannabis Growers Familiar with Tribulations of the Business

A company hoping to be the first of many Arkansas cannabis growers has already setup legal marijuana businesses in a number of other states. Natural State of Kind recently applied to grow and sell medical cannabis in Arkansas but are wary of how unscrupulous the business has been and are working off of the lessons that they have learned.

One of those lessons is taking time to get to know their neighbors and all of those they may interact with before beginning the process. Having a rapport with people in the community and being mentally prepared for what might come seems to be an intricate part of the legal cannabis business. Do you think most businesses operate under this sort of regular contention?

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – A medical marijuana company with Natural State roots hopes to become one of its first growers and sellers.

After spending hundreds of hours on applications, Natural State of Kind submitted ones for both a cultivation facility and dispensary license Wednesday.

“There’s nothing about this industry that’s easy,” said CEO Jason Martin.

Martin and his partners started their first company in 2015. Two years later, they are operating in Colorado, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Kentucky and North Carolina.

“Not everybody that’s in the industry has our same goals and moral compass,” he said. “We’ve been taken advantage of. It’s been an expensive lesson to get where we are today.”

Martin said the most difficult part about doing business out of state has been finding local partners they trust with their money and products. The CEO has a feeling that won’t happen in his home state.

“We know everybody,” he said. “We know our neighbors. We know who we can trust.”

Martin and the rest of the owners of Natural State of Kind live in central Arkansas.

They hope to build a dispensary from the ground up in zone five, a flagship location for the growing company.

“Nothing like anything that we’ve done in any other states,” Martin said. “Something that we can certainly be proud of, that our friends and family members can be proud of and the state of Arkansas can be proud of.”

The company picked out a more rural location for its cultivation facility.

“It’s basically retrofitting a warehouse,” Martin said. “We can do that with a modular system that we use. We can do that in a quick period of time.”

Martin said time is of the essence so patients depending on the medical marijuana business can get help at home.

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