Artificial Intelligence Technology in the Cannabis Industry

Artificial Intelligence technology and marijuana may not too long ago have sounded like a contradiction. In some ways it feels like marijuana has been frozen in ice for a long time and just thawed out into a futuristic world.

Marijuana is a very old product that people have been using for a long time, but since it had an illegal status (and still does federally and in 21 states) it was almost preserved in its ancient form. Now it is being intermingled with technology and innovation is fascinated by it.

Guardian Data Systems is just one example of how technology is entangling itself in legal marijuana by creating a means to use credit cards to make in-state purchases and tracking point-of-sale. What else do you think technology businesses will come up with to take advantage of legal marijuana?

Marijuana is teetering on becoming a regularity in America. As more states legalize adult use, a wave of technology is spreading throughout the industry, including specialized cannabis software and technology for more efficient grow operations, as well as existing tech that can be tailored to the industry. Marijuana is much like a modern day gold rush, attracting dreamers, innovators, deep-pocket investors and entrepreneurs at a startling pace, and forcing its way into mainstream America, and there’s no sign it’s slowing down anytime soon.

Guardian Data Systems is just one example of marijuana technology growth. Guardian began as a service to buy medical marijuana from dispensaries online using a credit card — a novelty in a mostly cash-only industry. The system enables pre-approved customers with state-licensed dispensaries to use their credit cards to pay for product online and receive it via home delivery in states where it’s legal to do so, like Oregon and Nevada. Guardian’s tech offerings have morphed into a complete enterprise software solution for cannabis businesses, including point-of-sale and distribution software, automated inventory and delivery options, and more.

The ever-growing market has made room for simpler endeavors, too. MassRoots and Leafly provide information like THC and CBD levels, aroma and flavor in a plethora of cannabis strains. And weedmaps has grown to have one of the most comprehensive dispensary location databases you’ll find, with turn-by-turn directions and customer reviews and more.

But there’s a glimpse of new technology on the horizon, too, like artificial intelligence. PotBotics, uses a recommendation engine (read: AI) that takes plant DNA analysis and other cannabis research to guide medical marijuana patients to tailored treatment with appropriate strains and products. The software can even make appointments for patients with licensed medical cannabis clinics nearby, and also some in a mobile app called PotBot.

Those working in the marijuana industry are all pioneers in their own way, it’s still a a fledgling market. That pioneering spirit will probably remain in place until marijuana becomes treated the same as alcohol and tobacco, if it ever comes to that. There’s still some time to look back and see how far society has come in accepting legal weed. Those of us watching from the sidelines and thinking we’d never see the day are surprised, amused and awed by this new industry that is providing a boost to the economy through the technology innovation.

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