Artist Rey Jaffet and His Strength of Strains Mural Inspires

Artist Rey Jaffet is working on a mural for the Diego Pellicer marijuana dispensary in Seattle that is a truly inspired work. The piece is called Strength of Strains depicts people growing as different strains of marijuana do and he says it is partially inspired by his own use of cannabis.

Art requires patience, passion, and talent—and when an artist brings cannabis into the mix, magical things can happen. Miami native Rey Jaffet is one muralist adept at incorporating cannabis and artistic creation. He showcases his magic on colossal canvases, filling the sides of buildings and structures with bold strokes and pops of color, evoking an array of emotions from those lucky enough to view his pieces up close. He’s also a dedicated consumer of cannabis, citing it as a consistent source of inspiration.

Recently, Jaffet accepted a collaborative opportunity to design a mural on the side of upscale Seattle dispensary Diego Pellicer. His piece is not only magnetic in imagery, it also covers a space equal to the size of a 10-story building. Since beginning his ‘Strength of Strains’ piece on June 7, he’s contributed countless hours over the course of three weeks, working day and night on a piece that communicates a true love for our favorite plant. This fascinating mural, which represents cannabis’s effects and how they interact with the human experience, was just unveiled.

In his own words, Jaffet talks about the inspiration behind this monumental piece: “The whole theme behind the mural is really that we come from the same plant or planet and we all develop into different strains.” Watch the mural come together in the video below.

Rey was invited by Alejandro Canto, owner of Diego Pellicer, to inject his artistic vision into the Diego brand while staying true to his Miami roots. “Miami really is a hub for multiculturalism—I’m surrounded by so many cultures all the time and that really plays a huge role in my work,” says Jaffet. “The fact that Miami is based on the ‘grandeur’ feeling of everything … I would like to be in that spotlight: Being around success or people who would like to be there and finding your own passion and bringing it to your own work.”

Though far from home and that sizzling Miami heat, Rey finds himself among friends in Seattle, having known Canto for at least 13 years, “I’ve been friends with Alejandro for a very long time,” says Jaffet. “He’s a great guy. I’ve seen him develop as well as myself and it’s so interesting to see that correlation between us, too. We’re in completely different worlds; however, they’re colliding right now, and that’s amazing to me.”

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