California Medical Marijuana is Still Important

An extraction facility is opening south of Los Angeles for medical marijuana. Legalization of recreational marijuana next year has been the talk of the country for a long while. California medical marijuana is an entirely different topic though and is still important to the massive west coast state.

A medical marijuana extraction facility could be a step closer Monday to opening in Costa Mesa.

The Planning Commission will review an application for a conditional use permit to open the facility in a 7,315-square-foot tenant space at 3590 Cadillac the northwest area of the city.

The establishment would contain up to four rosin press machines, which use pressure and heat to wring oil from marijuana plants, according to the application from Shepard Investments Inc.

Once produced, the oil would be “wrapped in parchment paper and inserted into small envelopes that will be sold on a wholesale basis to marijuana retail dispensaries,” the application states.

The proposed extraction facility also would include offices, storage space and a conference room and be equipped with security systems. Proposed business hours are 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Mondays through Fridays.

Under Measure X — which Costa Mesa voters approved last year — businesses that research, test, process and manufacture some medical marijuana products are allowed to open in the area north of South Coast Drive, west of Harbor Boulevard, south of MacArthur Boulevard and east of the Santa Ana River, though not in South Coast Collection.

Retail sales of marijuana and marijuana products are still prohibited in the city.

From the applicant’s perspective, the proposed extraction business would be compatible with other manufacturing uses in the area.

“The manufacturing in the surrounding area is similar to ours, except they are not marijuana-related,” the application states.

If approved, the business would be subject to a host of requirements, including that people younger than 21 not be allowed on the site and that cannabis not be consumed on the premises at any time in any form.

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