California Recreational Marijuana Sales Started on January 1st

The rebirth of legal recreational marijuana in California started on January 1st. Many were unsure if the demand for California recreational marijuana would be robust considering it has offered medical marijuana for a long time and black market marijuana has been readily available for a long time. However, for cities like San Diego that was already to sell marijuana on the first, business has been good. California is now the largest legal marijuana market in the world.

LOS ANGELES – If it weren’t for the long lines down the street, it might be just another week at the marijuana dispensary.

Buyers are queuing up – as many as 150 at a time on Tuesday alone – at one of the few dispensaries allowed to start sales in metro Los Angeles under California’s new law allowing the smoking of weed for recreational use.

Most of the eager yet patient customers at MedMen West Hollywood appeared to be the same ones who had been buying medicinal marijuana, said Daniel Yi, spokesman for the dispensary. And they were purchasing about the same mix of products.

But Yi says once the initial euphoria over the new law dies down, the mainstreaming of cannabis could broaden the customer base to include a new, older buyer.

Dispensary owners hope the new law broadens marijuana’s appeal beyond a base of twentysomethings. Older buyers, however, who try smoking pot may want products that are less conspicuous. They wouldn’t want to fire up a fat joint on a street corner.

Yi predicts they will try vaporizers that limit the smoke smell, or some of the many edible choices in the dispensary, whether it is marijuana cookies or something else.

“As cannabis becomes mainstream, it’s all about consumer choice,” he said. “It’s one thing if you are 22 or 23. But if you’re 45, it’s not quite the same thing.”

For now, though, the initial customers are sticking to tried and true – a container of marijuana buds.

“Demand on the product side hasn’t really changed. Pot is pot,” Yi said. The most popular items remain marijuana buds even though the MedMen chain has about 1,000 products.


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