Cannabis Boutique in Los Angeles Appeals to the Affluent

A cannabis boutique has opened in Los Angeles called, Buds and Roses, and it was setup to be a very high end dispensary. Recreational marijuana is set to be available in California at the beginning of next year and the state is still waiting for finalization of the rules around cannabis.

The owner of Buds and Roses is a veteran of marketing for American Apparel and is trying to apply his experience to the cannabis industry. He is already applying the anticipated rules for legal marijuana to the sales of cannabis in his store. Do you think other cannabis businesses should apply standards to their sales above and beyond the minimum requirements?

Customers on a clean, airy Studio City sales floor browse shelves lined with cannabis-infused lotions, bath salts, protein bars, pet treatments and, of course, a variety of flowers.

A uniformed 30-something staffer at Buds & Roses cleaned a smudge from the glass, while another talked a customer through the how-to’s of vaping. Outside, a valet fetched cars.

“It’s definitely not your big brother’s weed shop anymore,” said Cynthia Erland, a medical marijuana patient and cannabis marketing consultant. “In the last two to three years, the cannabis retail experience has become more high-end.”

About 10 years ago, the Buds & Roses medical marijuana dispensary moved into the Los Angeles neighborhood, where trendy bakeries and popular boutiques line a busy strip of Ventura Boulevard.

“This is one of the top dispensaries in Los Angeles,” said Erland, a former senior vice president of marketing for American Apparel. “It really caters to that affluent demographic, 25 to 55 and on.”

With state licenses and regulations just months away, California’s marijuana dispensaries and growers have started coming out of the shadows of a gray market, developing brands, partnering with celebrities and appealing to a boutique crowd.

“I think as long as you have the right products, and the right experience, you’re going to get a lot more of those mainstream people,” said Aaron Justis, Buds & Roses president.

But the married father of two said he also chose to act like a regulated dispensary despite the lack of regulations at the time, from charging sales tax to requiring nutrition labels on edibles.

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