Cannabis Business Consultants In New Haven CT Set Standard of Education

Cannabis business consultants and a member of the Connecticut chapter of Women Grow have an office in New Haven. The consulting office covers information on any sort of cannabis business and in particular urges women to get involved in the fast growing industry of marijuana. Do you know enough about the legal cannabis industry and where you could fit in?

Marijuana leaf symbols have appeared in the window of a small office at 326 Central Ave., but you can’t knock on the door and buy ganja.

It’s not a dispensary.

Instead two nurses there will offer you instruction on medical marijuana and its use and how to find your niche in the fast-growing cannabis industry.

The nurses are Kebra Smith-Bolden and Lynne Kravitz. The office is home to their businesses, Cannabis Consultants of CT and CannaHealth.

Smith-Bolden, in addition to being nurse, serves as the market leader for the Connecticut Chapter of Women Grow, a national organization aimed at attracting women to the cannabis industry and encouraging them to take leadership in creating businesses and advocating for the industry. She said the consulting business is aimed at anyone interested in the entrepreneurial side of the legal weed business, which currently means only medical marijuana in Connecticut.

Efforts to legalize recreational marijuana use in the state, which made it to the State House of Representative floor for debate, were unsuccessful this past regular legislative session. New Haven’s state legislative delegation led the charge for legalization along with State Rep. Josh Elliott of Hamden, a recreational user, and Republican State. Rep. Melissa Ziobron of East Haddam.

Smith-Bolden and Kravitz support legal, regulated recreational use of marijuana for adults. In the meantime, they said, business opportunities beckon for people, particularly women, who want to join the cannabis and cannabis-adjacent industries while they wait for legalization.

“It is a full-service consulting firm,” she said of Cannabis Consultants of CT. “We’ll provide consultations on everything in the industry including opening a dispensary, or a grow facility and creating an application likely to get approved by the state to do either of those things.”

In addition to helping someone move through the state regulatory process, the consulting firm helps a “cannapreneuer” —an entrepreneur in the cannabis industry—find land for cultivating marijuana or staff to work in such a facility including security. It also offers to help would-be business owners navigate the red tape that would eventually come with a cannabis lounge if Connecticut does eventually legalize recreational use of marijuana.

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