Cannabis Church Borderline Breaking the Law

A Cannabis Church in Colorado has been opened since April and while it certainly had its legal battles, it persevered and its members are now smoking pot in the pews and listening to live music. Many states have explored setting up Amsterdam-like marijuana cafes but none have been permitted because public use of marijuana is illegal everywhere. There are some businesses pushing the envelope in California, but the Church of Cannabis is definitely the most successful attempt to indulge communally.

Could this church start a trend where instead of having cafes, entertainment with friends and marijuana happens on sacred ground where donations are made instead of purchasing recreational marijuana?

The International Church of Cannabis in Colorado is dedicated to the ‘spiritual benefits of marijuana’

IN the book of Exodus, Moses witnesses a burning bush – and now in 2017, bushes continue to be burnt in biblical settings.

These are the psychedelic images of the world’s first International Church of Cannabis in Denver, Colorado.

An abandoned Lutheran church, which has a stood in Denver since the early 1900s, has reopened as a place of worship for the followers of brand new religion ‘Elevationism.’

The International Church of Cannabis is dedicated to the spiritual benefits of cannabis, and unsurprisingly its worshippers ingest the ‘holy’ plant.

It had fallen into dereliction, but the new owners have completely transformed the building by painting bright, psychedelic colours inside the chapel.

Worshippers are encouraged to smoke marijuana in the pews and rather than the traditional choir group, a rock band has played in the revamped church.

The church opened on the 20th April this year (a meaningful date in American weed culture) and has faced opposition.

Local representatives attempted to block the church for tarnishing people’s religious beliefs. However it was quickly struck down as an infringement on freedom of religion.

Co-founder Lee Molloey said: “The International Church of Cannabis’ mission is to offer a home to adults everywhere who are looking to create the best version of themselves by way of the sacred plant.

“We have around 30-40 people come to our Friday evening gathering. We have more than 2,500 signed up as online members.

“So far thing have been going great. We are slowly building up our congregation. The neighbourhood is beginning to accept us, and we are fighting through our legal battles.”

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