Cannabis Humidors Introduced with App for Mobile Device

Cannabis humidors are being marketed fairly heavily these days and serve as more of a fun decoration rather than a necessity. A new humidor is now being introduced with an app for your phone to help regulate moisture levels. Do you know how to keep your flower from drying out?

Do you really need a high-tech, smartphone-enabled humidor to keep your stash from drying out? The answer, clearly, is no. But would you love to have a beautifully built piece of craftsmanship that keeps your cannabis out of view, locked from curious children and perfectly calibrated for temperature and humidity? Of course you would.

Cannador calls itself “a premium storage brand that focuses on functional design and balanced humidity for the home.” The uniquely designed airtight cannabis storage box preserves your cannabis by controlling humidity at the perfect ratio to maintain freshness and taste.

Yes, glass jars work. But translucent containers allow in UV light, which can damage the dried herb. And putting your bud in a humidor designed for cigars may leave it too humid.

Cannador recently partnered with Massachusetts tech firm, Blustream, to bring smartphone-enabled, relative humidity (RH) monitoring and temperature calibration to home cannabis storage.

Why Does Humidity Matter?

When storing cannabis, an excessive amount of humidity or moisture can lead to mold and mildew. Not enough humidity or dryness can turn buds crumbly. The herb will also become harsher and less potent as the trichomes and terpenes fade.

If cannabis gets hit with humidity in the upper 70s or above, mold could become an issue. A rule of thumb is to keep marijuana stored at about 60 percent humidity. Above 65 percent may present a problem with mold. One study found that by maintaining a relative humidity of 62 percent, the terpene content of cannabis by 15 percent. Terpenes are a vital component in cannabis for many reasons, including taste. Dried out terpenes will leave your bud less flavorful.

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