Cannabis Hyperemesis, The Vomiting Condition Some Cannabis Users are Contending with

Cannabis hyperemesis is a condition that seems to be caused by smoking cannabis, but nobody really knows. There are countless testimonials praising the medical benefits of cannabis for PTSD, epilepsy, cancer and many other conditions and diseases. It is only logical to think that cannabis ingestion can have some sort of negative effects, perhaps there are even allergies to cannabis.

The problem is that we just do not know because medical professionals and scientists have not had access to the plant to properly research it. So, whether you are an opponent or a proponent of medical or recreational marijuana, there is little you can claim cannabis does with any real conviction because nobody has the data to back up the claim. Would you imagine that cannabis could possibly have some negative health effects?

Taeia Kaley-Dolan was sick for two years before she realized she had cannabis hyperemesis syndrome.

In 2014, she began smoking weed for anxiety and depression following the death of her brother. Soon, she started retching up mucous and feeling intense abdominal pain. “I could feel my heartbeat in my stomach,” Kaley-Dolan describes. “I blamed it on stress. I basically continued to smoke to take more of the edge off.” But it got worse. The daily nausea began to kick in, then the vomiting. It felt like a flu that wouldn’t go away.

“I went all day puking, wondering what I could do to stop it,” she says. The now 19-year-old Ohioan realized hot baths or showers, plus weed, made her feel better, especially given cannabis’ capacity for suppressing nausea.

Unfortunately, the relief that weed and warm water brought her didn’t last. Kaley-Dolan started smoking more, and getting sick at least twice as often. She went to the hospital for tests that left both her and doctors clueless. She lost jobs and friends, missed school, and couldn’t leave the house for more than a couple hours without having to bolt to a bathroom. She went from smoking a gram or two per week, to about half an ounce; cannabis was the only thing that relieved her symptoms. Unbeknownst to her, it was also the reason she was sick.

“I stand by the medical properties of cannabis so much; I respect what it’s done for so many people, so I didn’t know what I was doing wrong,” she says. “Finally I came across [an] article about cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome.” It described her symptoms to a T.

In recent months, cannabis hyperemesis syndrome has picked up more media attention, especially around the turn of the year. (Kaley-Dolan, however, found out about it in April 2017.) As a purported phenomenon unfolding in states with newly legal cannabis, such as Colorado and Washington, it’s still unclear how prevalent the syndrome actually is. With sensational headlines in international publications calling it a “mysterious” and “bizarre” vomiting condition that compels victims to take hot baths and visit the emergency room, little is known about cannabis hyperemesis syndrome beyond its connection to weed. More nuanced takes on the syndrome are rare, but they point to other factors like specific strain qualities, molds and pesticides, or particular terpenes.

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