Cannabis Infused Edibles Recalled in Colorado

Cannabis infused edibles are a great way for medical or recreational marijuana users to ingest cannabis without having to inhale smoke or a vapor. Edibles though need to be packaged properly so that they do not appeal to children and distributors need to take into account all ingredients in the edible.

Dixie Elixirs took the right business path by recalling edibles that had an oil extract which was not made for human consumption. For too long cannabis consumers needed to cross their fingers that what they were ingesting was safe, but with the legalization of cannabis comes proper business practice that cares for the well being of the consumers.

Dixie Elixirs, one of the biggest names in the edibles business, has issued a voluntary recall for six products in Colorado because of potentially unsafe non-food-grade essential oils.

Left Bank LLC, which does business as Dixie Elixirs in Colorado, recalled four recreational cannabis products and two that are medical, including specific batches of Dixie mints, tablets and chocolate bars, according to a news release from the Denver Department of Environmental Health.

The recall was issued after the Denver agency determined that two essential oils used for flavoring weren’t manufactured specifically for human consumption and therefore pose a public health risk.

Though there have been no reports of illnesses caused by the products, according to the news release, the health department is investigating the incident and will oversee the recall process.

Colorado, and Denver specifically, is one of the nation’s strictest markets in terms of marijuana product recalls and industry oversight.

Dozens of product recalls have been issued in the past several years, with many of those tied to potentially unsafe pesticide use.

However, this is perhaps the first time a major interstate cannabis company such as Dixie – which has a presence in four states – has been involved in a product recall. It’s the first time Dixie has had to recall products, spokesman Joe Hodas said.

In a statement posted on Dixie’s website, chief operating officer Chuck Smith said the issue was basically one of incomplete paperwork and a decision to play it safe.

“One of our suppliers had not provided the proper certificates of authenticity to comply with (health) standards here in Colorado,” Smith said. “With an abundance of caution, Dixie (is) fully cooperating with the Department of Health in voluntarily issuing this recall.”

Good for Dixie stepping up and playing it safe. They’ve built a brand people trust and nothing destroys that quicker than regulators questioning their product integrity and Dixie fighting it.

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