Cannabis Innovations Seems Boundless, Even Some of the Most Traditional of Products are Changing

Cannabis innovations are popping up all of the time and the amount of derivative products seem endless. Recently a simple rolling paper product came out that has THC concentrates in the actual papers. Money is the driving force of the economy and craves original product lines to market new ideas and monetize. Cannabis is not a new product but it is to capitalism and the U.S. seems ready to take advantage of it in any way that it can. Have you thought of any new cannabis related products that marijuana enthusiasts might like?

As the world of concentrates becomes more sophisticated and people are finding ways to enhance their cannabis experiences, people are using a method called “twaxing” to prolong the burn of their joints.

To twax your joint is to use cannabis concentrate material in the rolling of your joint to prolong the time it takes your joint to burn down, and to also give your joint an extra kick via the concentrate.

Many people have opted to twax using DIY methods that place a thin layer of wax or concentrate inside the rolled joint. Some opt to literally twist a thin piece of wax around the length of the joint.

The downside of twaxing is that it is time consuming, and can often be messy, especially if the wax is wrapped on the outside and has the potential to get hot and drip.

Now, The Clear has partnered with Raw papers to come up with a new product they boast as the first medicated paper on the market.

The product, The Clear TWAX Concentrated Papers, have infused the concentrate right into the papers, removing the need to add wax to your joint to twax.

The technology by The Clear claims to add “Power to Your Flower” by placing 97% THC oil between 2 ultra-thin Raw-brand papers, allowing a consistent, and slow burn.

When you purchase the product, you get a tube that contains 2 100mg papers and 2 tips.

There are so many innovative rolling papers emerging on the market that prove that the smoking experience isn’t only an art or a science.

When considering your preferred rolling paper of the many on the market, consider the The Clear TWAX Concentrated Papers as a way to get a lot more than you bargained for in your rolling paper.

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