Cannabis Advertising

Top 5 Things Dispensaries Need to do in 2018 for Online Marketing

In 2018, cannabis legalization will sweep the nation with California coming online with their recreational use program. Marijuana dispensaries will be frantically preparing their retail outlets through cannabis staffing agencies, negotiating vendor relationships, navigating local and state legislation and getting ready for a green rush of cannabis consumers to walk through the doors. What we learned in 2017 from the […]

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Facebook advertising set guidelines to what mj is allowed and how to advertise. Facebook has to deal w federal rules that outlaw national advertising mj

Facebook Advertising Protocols Closing Alaskan Cannabis Dispensary Pages

Facebook advertising has set guidelines as to what is permissible to advertise and how to advertise. The social media giant has to contend with federal rules that outlaw national advertising and ensure that Facebook maintains its family suitable persona. Alaskan dispensaries have apparently not been playing by the rules. Some Alaska marijuana shops have suddenly found themselves with one less outlet […]

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