Colorado’s Native Roots Aids Hurricane Relief Efforts

Colorado based Native Roots is planning to donate over $15,000, along with various supplies, to aid the people affected by hurricanes Irma, Maria and Harvey. Native Roots held a special event on September 15th where 5% of revenue would go towards hurricane relief efforts in the southeastern U.S. and Puerto Rico. Do you expect more companies to follow suit?

Native Roots, the largest U.S. marijuana dispensary, will donate $15,750 and collected supplies to aid those affected by hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria.

The company dubbed Sept. 15 as “5 Percent Donation Day,” earmarking the percentage of revenue from all 19 of its retail locations across Colorado that day as a donation for hurricane aid to the southeastern U.S. and Puerto Rico.

Of the $15,750 donation, $13,500 came from the fundraiser and the other $2,250 came from staff and company donations.

“Community is a core value at Native Roots and we take that very seriously. This is a national need and cannabis has become a country-wide industry,” Native Roots CEO Ryan Brown said in a statement. “Native Roots chose to step up to the plate along with companies and individuals across our nation to support our citizens.”

Along with the monetary donation the company placed donation bins at all of their locations from Sept. 15 to Oct. 1 and collected supplies such as toiletries, cleaning supplies and fans to send to people in need.

The company is known locally for its philanthropic and service efforts throughout the year. Each location works with a unique community partner to provide hands-on support for local projects such as serving meals to the homeless and trash clean-up and tree planting in local parks.

This is the first time the company has joined a national fundraising effort mobilizing staff and corporate donations alongside revenue from the cannabis community.

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