England Is Planning a Reality Television Show About American Legal Marijuana

American legal marijuana is funny to the English, so much so that they want to do a reality television show on it with a group of ‘has been’ celebrities. The reality of it is that American legal marijuana is such a confusing jumble it may actually seem humorous to other countries no matter how serious we take it here in the states. We are legalizing marijuana while it is still illegal, there is a lot of controversy surrounding it and the current Attorney General looks like a cartoon sketch that is just steaming about state legalized marijuana.

The celebrities that England plans on sending over are not being disclosed out of fear they will have their visas revoked. Who do you think they will send over to do a dispensary tour in the United States? Do you think they will send celebrities we actually know, or only people famous in the Untied Kingdom?

It’s lucky America serves generous food portions, as a group of silver-haired celebrities are about to get the munchies in a big way.

ITV has revealed plans for a controversial new reality show, which will see a group of “ageing national treasures” go to the States to smoke marijuana.

The show, which has the working title Gone To Pot, will follow the celebs as they travel across America, where some states have legalised medicinal or recreational marijuana use.

They will look at whether the Class B drug should be made legal in the UK by meeting people who have experienced the medical benefits and downsides of marijuana, before giving various types a go themselves.

But ITV is unable to give away the names of those going on the trip, in case American authorities cancel their visas.

Talking at the Edinburgh TV festival this week, the channel’s head of factual entertainment Sue Murphy revealed: “We’ve got a cool new entertainment reality show called Gone To Pot, where a bunch of ageing national treasures have to vape, munch and smoke their way across the States.

“But I can’t reveal castings because they’ll lose their visas and won’t be able to do it.”

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