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Hemp Seeds Are a Superfood

Hemp is not just a commodity to replace plastics or from which to sew together high-end clothing items. From smoking it to using hemp topical ointments, to delicious edibles you can make with hemp, the plant’s versatility is unstoppable. Source Source: TNMNews

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Will Colombia’s Govt Allow the Export of Canna Flower

Set to lead the world in the production of industrialized hemp, Colombia needs to position itself to allow the export of cannabis flower.  There’s no doubt the cannabis industry is rapidly changing, and laws are lagging behind solid progress in research, production, and manufacturing of hemp-based goods. Even growing meccas like Colombia, which has some of the most fertile soils […]

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What To Expect at a Cannabis Convention

With an ever-changing legal landscape, cannabis conventions allow a place for business owners and industry professionals to learn about the industry, its processes and its struggles. Source Source: TNMNews

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