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Global Alliance for Cannabis Commerce – A New Organization Pushing for Cannabis Law Reform

Cannabis commerce remains very challenging due to the federal Schedule 1 status of cannabis. Maintaining merchant services, advertising restrictions along with accessing loans and other banking services make scaling cannabis companies entirely too challenging. The Global Alliance for Cannabis Commerce intends to hit the very heart of the problem on Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. … Source Source: MJFeed

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Dispensary Tours: Temescal Wellness, Hudson, Massachusetts

Clickable Table of Contents Introduction Interview Parking Temescal Wellness Budtenders Town of Hudson, Massachusetts Introduction After 24 years growing up in Massachusetts, and then another 16 years of frequent visits to Mass from my home in Florida, my recent trip to the Temescal Wellness cannabis dispensary in Hudson, Massachusetts felt more satisfying than I can … Source Source: MJFeed

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10 Months Into Adult-Use Cannabis Sales in Massachusetts

Wow, the Massachusetts marijuana scene has changed a lot since I was here this past December. Adult-use cannabis sales finally began in November of 2018 after voters chose to make the Bay State the first East Coast state to start selling recreational marijuana in 2016. While it took Mass a while to get sales rolling, … Source Source: MJFeed

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Do Equity Measures For Legal Cannabis States Go Far Enough?

Just last November, Massachusetts cannabis for adult use went live, and after the first two months, initial sales racked up 23.8 million dollars. These were the first recreational cannabis sales to take place on the east coast. By June of 2019, this number swelled to 140 million dollars, according to a report by Marijuana Business … Source Source: MJFeed

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CannaCon is coming to the Mass Mutual Center in Springfield August 23rd-24th

Massachusetts flourished as a cultivation powerhouse after first legal sales of marijuana began in 2018. Cannabis entrepreneurs from Boston to Chatham and Martha’s Vineyard to Springfield are nurturing business in a robust industry poised for growth. CannaCon is regarded as one of the most influential events for cannabis professionals in the industry. With events in … Source Source: MJFeed

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