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A Metal Grinder Helps Me Grind Through My Day

Grinding your Weed Always Makes for a Better Joint If you’re reading this then then there’s a good chance you’ve smoked weed before, and if you’ve smoked weed then you know the struggles of breaking up weed. Don’t get me wrong cannabis is beautiful. From the shiny trichomes to the fluffy buds, marijuana is truly one of a kind. However, […]

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How the Glass Bong Made a Comeback

The glass bong is an iconic part of the marijuana scene and has been a staple in the pot world for many years. Most movies, especially older movies, reference smoking marijuana out of a bong. Some shows or movies even have extremely large bongs that some of you may have even smoked out of before. With that being said bongs […]

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Did 4/20/20 Change Weed Forever?

There were so many wonderful plans for the 420 marijuana celebrations on April 20th, 2020, but the coronavirus pandemic ruined many of them. Learn how marijuana enthusiast made the most of it. Source Source: TNMNews

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The Art of Rolling a Joint

I’ve been rolling marijuana joints for decades and can now spin up perfect looking joints. Read on and get all my secret tips on how to roll the perfect weed joint. Source Source: TNMNews

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Is Vaping Weed Dead? Should it Be?

Remember the Vaping Crisis that was causing people to die before COVID-19? The Great Reset showcased that people need their weed vape during the pandemic. Source Source: TNMNews

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Economic Report Shows Potential For Badly Needed Revenue if Vermont Lawmakers Finalize Passage of Bill to Regulate and Tax Cannabis

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Wednesday, August 5, 2020 Analysis suggests that S. 54 will likely generate more revenue than previously anticipated — if  legislators decide they want to begin sales in 2021, the state could generate over $175 million in cannabis taxes through 2025 Montpelier, VT — On Wednesday, advocates for regulating and taxing cannabis touted the release of an economic report that […]

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