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Dream – The WOW Organics Launch Party 

Did you attend or hear about Cannabis Wonderland last year? The DREAM event team is the same power duo that created, promoted, and organized the Cannabis Wonderland event that saw 5,032 guests attend the most talked-about networking party of MJ BizCon 2018. This year, Dan Schmink and Ashley Manning are back for round two to … Source Source: MJFeed

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Find marijuana news, celebrity interviews and cannabis strain and product reviews at Christine sits with Mike and Mark from SpleefNYC – They are purveyors of craft infused products, curators of infused experiences, and activists for the inclusion of recreational use in NYC. They host an array of styles of events that incorporate edible & … Source Source: MJFeed

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One World Pharma (OTC: OWPC) Cannabis Futures

Introduction No matter where you invest your money, the risk of loss always exists. Medical marijuana, hemp and CBD investment alternatives are new opportunities for mainstream investors, and with anything new comes the unknown. Commodities like crude oil and wheat, or equity sectors like tech, pharmaceutical and transportation, have been around long enough that analysts … Source Source: MJFeed

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One World Pharma Uplists to the OTCQB

LAS VEGAS (November 18, 2019) – One World Pharma Inc. (OTC: OWPC), “OWP,” a fully licensed pure-play cannabis and hemp ingredient producer in Colombia, is pleased to announce that its common stock has been uplisted to the OTCQB platform, effective immediately. Acceptance to the OTCQB will increase liquidity in the Company’s common stock and provide … Source Source: MJFeed

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Find marijuana news, celebrity interviews and cannabis strain and product reviews at Subscribe, Like and Follow! Source Source: MJFeed

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Colombia Aims to Become to Cannabis What Saudi Arabia is to Oil

For Immediate Release: Bogota, Colombia, October 28, 2019: In some country word association, “oil” triggers a response of “Saudi Arabia.” How about “cannabis?” Probably “Canada.” While fair, arguably the response one day soon will be “Colombia.” There are 18 countries worldwide that allow the import and export of medical marijuana products. Canada is the most … Source Source: MJFeed

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Sexual Minorities Love Cannabis. LGBTQ and The History of Marijuana | TNMNews

Does the cannabis industry support the #LGBTQ community? Of course it does. Some of you might have forgotten the history of marijuana, but let’s revisit it! In #California, doctors had prescribed medical #marijuana to members of the gay community to help manage some of the issues surround HIV and AIDS since the 1990’s. Representatives of … Source Source: MJFeed

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Perch Harvest, A New Take on Cannabis Strain Naming at Temescal Wellness

Temescal Wellness, a vertically integrated cannabis dispensary operating in 3 states including Massachusetts, has begun offering a new cannabis product called Perch Harvest. Stories continue to circulate concerning problems with the unconventional naming of cannabis cultivars. As pathways to federal legalization become clearer, scientists and lawyers are weighing in on the foreseeable challenges the industry … Source Source: MJFeed

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The Mighty Cannagar, How I Made One By Myself

Just in time for my 40th birthday, I received a pretty amazing package. I have been to dispensaries all over the country and one of the products that I have always been drawn to, but never tried, are cannagars. Until now that is. I opened a USPS package at my home in Florida after returning … Source Source: MJFeed

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