Irish CBD Oil is in High Demand

Irish CBD oil is green gold in Ireland as the demand is strong. CBD oil is full of cannabidiol extract from either the marijuana plant or from hemp, and it has no euphoric effect on those ingesting it. Instead, CBD oil contains medical properties that relieve all sorts of conditions including pain, anxiety, PTSD, seizures and many others.

Many in Ireland would like medical marijuana law expansion so that more people can access it and for extracts to potentially contain THC, the compound in cannabis that created the euphoric effect. Have you researched medical marijuana and what it might be able to do for you?

Despite the challenges with government stonewalling in Ireland, the demand for cannabis oil and its related products is clearly insatiable.

While THC-based oils are still illegal on the Emerald Isle, CBD oil is available, and one shop owner in Limerick says that his sales have grown exponentially.

This green rush has been spurred from the increased call for a robust medical marijuana system for Irish citizens. With a strong desire for the medical benefits associated with cannabis, the people of Ireland are buying whatever cannabis-based products they can find.

Cillín Cleere and his wife Marie are the owners of Eats of Eden in Limerick City, and he said that cannabis oil is now one of the 10 best-selling products since they began stocking it earlier this year. “Our customer feedback has been overwhelmingly positive,” said Cillín in an interview with “People are loving the positive health benefits of CBD oil.”

Eats of Eden sells a variety of CBD oils ranging from 2-10 percent in strength. They have recently expanded their line of cannabis products with the addition of balms and creams. The ingredients for these products are grown both domestically and internationally.

“We have an Irish Company, Celtic Wind Crops, who grow their hemp in Ireland. They make a 5-percent CBD oil in their mother hemp concentrate, along with a very tasty culinary hemp oil for salad dressing, etc. Our other two brands are grown in Europe and North America,” said Cillín.

Cillín added that many health food shops in Ireland now carry CBD products. “We believe that cannabis should be made available to anyone who wishes to use it, and at the very least, made available to people who wish to benefit from its well-established medicinal properties. Ireland is suffering from an epidemic of cancer, dementia, and obesity. We firmly believe cannabis holds enormous potential in helping people suffering from these health issues.”

The majority of Eats of Eden’s customers are in the 60-80 age range, and Cillín says that most of them want to see marijuana legalized in Ireland. “They don’t see what all the fuss is about!”

Cillín also has high hopes for the future of cannabis in Ireland, despite the current challenges of it being in a semi-legal limbo. “Ireland makes and sells a lot of pharmaceutical drugs and this is a problem. People have begun to band together and form cannabis clubs and even a political party, so the future has potential. In the meantime, we have CBD.”

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