Louisiana Medical Marijuana Doctors Slow to Apply

Louisiana voters approved medical marijuana, but like many other states, the program has been slow in getting setup. Marijuana plants haven not been grown yet, nor have sales started but even if they had, there is only one Louisiana medical marijuana doctor that could see patients anyways. Are you surprised to hear that Louisiana’s medical marijuana program is slow to setup?

Just two physicians have applied to recommend medical cannabis in Louisiana – and only one of those applications has been approved, the Associated Press reports. In their response to the organization’s public records request, the State Board of Medical Examiners indicated the other license is still pending review.

In an email to the AP, Dr. Vincent Culotta, the executive director of the board, said that he had “no thoughts” about why doctors have been slow to enroll and there are “no patterns available to analyze.”

Louisiana’s law allows patients with qualifying conditions – such as cancer, cerebral palsy, seizure disorders, muscular dystrophy – to access medical cannabis products, but it does not allow flower; opting instead for tinctures, pills, oils, and topicals.

State Sen. Fred Mills, the Republican pharmacist who championed the legislation, said he expects physician interest in the program to grow once cultivation starts and sales are on the horizon. He told the AP he’s met “400 or 500 families” of people with qualifying conditions who will eventually ask their doctor about accessing the program.

Under the law, Louisiana State University and Southern University are allowed to grow medical cannabis products. According to the report, LSU estimates product to be ready by the summer.

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