Marijuana Growers to Anchor New Business Park

PERTH, N.Y. — Growing marijuana could help grow business in Fulton County.

The county planning director and Center for Regional Growth presented the Mohawk Valley’s newest business park, Tryon Technology Park, to a group of real estate brokers and potential investors. The event culminated with a tour of Vireo Health, a licensed medical marijuana growing facility and the first tenant in the 515-acre business park.

“When it comes to infrastructure, this park is great,” said Vireo CEO Ari Hoffnung. “It has access to power, it has access to water, it has access to high-speed internet.”

The park is on the former site of a youth prison, which means it had existing water, sewer and gas lines. The county recently upgraded the water and sewage systems.

The goal is to attract tenants like Vireo: high-tech, manufacturing and development businesses that will employ dozens of local residents. Vireo Health is expected to attract some businesses that might complement its marijuana growing operation, such as research facilities.

County officials said Wednesday that Tryon is attracting regional interest from developers, even though it is new.

“We have so much to offer,” said Center for Regional Growth CEO Ron Peters. “Right now, people are starting to discover what we have here.”

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