Marijuana Scientific Perspectives From 1967 and 2017

The marijuana scientific perspectives from 1967 to modern times are different, but not that different. Despite all of the research that has been conducted on marijuana today relative to 1967, you can plainly see that the scientific world does not believe that there has been enough thorough research for it to commit to a factual belief about the medicinal properties of cannabis.

There needs to be more research completed on cannabis in order for marijuana scientific perspectives to change definitively. In order for that to happen the federal government needs to let go of its vice grip on the idea that marijuana has no medical benefits at all and is highly addictive. Check out these excerpts from 1967 and then in 2017.

Science News 1967

No one knows whether chronic marijuana smoking causes emotional troubles or is a symptom of them…. This dearth of evidence has a number of explanations: serious lingering reactions, if they exist, occur after prolonged use, rarely after a single dose; marijuana has no known medical use, unlike LSD, so scientists have had little reason to study the drug…. Also, marijuana has been under strict legal sanctions … for more than 30 years. – Science News, October 7, 1967

Science News 2017

In 29 states and in Washington, D.C., marijuana is now commonly prescribed for post-traumatic stress disorder and chronic pain. But the drug’s pros and cons remain hazy. Regular pot use has been linked to psychotic disorders and to alcohol and drug addiction (SN Online: 1/12/17). And two recent research reviews conclude that very little high-quality data exist on whether marijuana effectively treats PTSD or pain. Several large-scale trials are under way to assess how well cannabis treats these conditions.

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