New Cannabis Trends Are Popping Up All the Time

New cannabis trends such as microdosing may become a regular way of life as the country learns more about how cannabis affects us and how it can best help us. While learning about dosing is important, a number of new fads associated with cannabis are on the rise. Has the change in perceptions towards marijuana altered how you approach cannabis?

As legal marijuana goes mainstream and businesses differentiate themselves in recreational and medicinal markets, new trends in cannabis are emerging all the time. In addition to becoming a more all-around professional industry that’s attractive to investors, here we touch on some of the newest trends in marijuana for 2017, so far.

Microdosing (consuming small amounts of cannabis to achieve a specific effect) is one of the newest trends in marijuana for 2017. This consumption technique lets people experience the therapeutic benefits of cannabis without the “stoner’s high” associated with consuming a lot of marijuana.

Personal automatic growing systems such as Corsica Innovations Inc.’s LEAF personal grow product, 7 Sensors’ grow box, or the hydroponics system from Cloudponics are giving patients and consumers the ability to produce their own cannabis indoor with minimal hands-on care. The newest trends in 2017 incorporate smartphone-enabled, app-based automated home-growing technology products. 
Cannabis Tastings

As marijuana becomes as mainstream is craft beer, artisan cannabis tastings in both medical and recreational cannabis dispensaries are all the rage in 2017.

A number of professional athletes spoken out about their cannabis use and how it helps them recover from injuries, maintain focus, and improve performance. Some sports leagues are even considering allowing competing athletes to use cannabis for medicinal purposes.

As more states allow more people to grow cannabis legally and the supply of the herb increases, the trend of decreasing prices for both medical and recreational marijuana continues in 2017.

As the laws surrounding cannabis relax, more medical marijuana dispensaries are offering delivery services to their customers.

The latest in small-batch, specialized products infused with cannabis and rare novelty strains continue to be popular trends in 2017.

Since natural cannabinoids extracted from marijuana are still considered illegal Schedule I substances under federal law, the latest in synthetic alternatives are trending in 2017.

A recent study shows that the number of hospitalizations and deaths from opioid use are down in areas where medical cannabis is legal, which is a great marijuana trend to hear about in 2017.

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