New York to Double Its Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

New York is bringing its legal medical marijuana dispensaries to 10, which is up from the 5 that were initially permitted. Legal cannabis is a whole new dimension for legislators and trying to figure out how to integrate it into any state’s current policies and economy is a challenge. There are a few states that can be referenced like Colorado and Washington, but in a metropolis like New York City, introducing medical marijuana outlets is a different animal.

Medical marijuana will soon be easier to get in New York.

The state has doubled the number authorized distributors from 5 to 10 and the newly approved companies plans to dispense their products in Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn.

“The New York State Department of Health is committed to growing the state’s Medical Marijuana Program responsibly,” said State Health Commissioner Dr. Howard Zucker. “The addition of these registered organizations will make it easier for patients across the state to obtain medical marijuana.”

One company hopes to work with a major medical facility in Midtown, but hasn’t finalized a deal.

The number of patients eligible to receive the drug has increased by more than 70 percent since March.

There are 25,736 certified patients as of today, up from 10,744 since March and 1,139 registered practitioners can prescribe the drug.

That’s largely because chronic pain was added as a condition on March 21, expanding the potential patient base.

It also helps that the state recently allowed home delivery and added nurse practitioners and physician assistants to those who can certify patients.

Zucker said that increased competition and access will make the prescriptions cheaper, while increasing the variety of products containing the drug.

One of the new companies, Fiorello Pharmaceuticals, hopes to dispense in Midtown Manhattan, on Long Island and upstate.

All of its dispensaries will be open in early 2018, CEO Eric Sirota told The Post.

Sirota said Fiorello will work with a major hospital center and academic institution, where customers can pick up their drugs at the same place they are prescribed.

“We want to establish medical marijuana as a well-accepted medical option in the mainstream community and to ensure that our patients have a positive and highly-professional experience,” he said.

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