Permanent Marijuana Rules are Coming to Nevada

Permanent marijuana rules are coming sooner to Nevada than anticipated after the state legalized recreational marijuana a month ago. While other states have been indecisive about implementing rules and struggled figuring out how to integrate cannabis into the state’s system, Nevada just plowed ahead.

There have certainly been some speed bumps, like the state-of-emergency that was declared when the dispensaries were on the verge of running out marijuana because of transportation issues, and there are bound to be some more challenges. Do you think that Nevada will set the example for the rest of the country on how to implement rules associated with legalized marijuana?

Nevadans could catch a glimpse as early as next week of the proposed permanent regulations that will shape the state’s recreational marijuana industry.

Temporary regulations are already in place for a six-month “early start” period that allowed dispensaries to start selling in July. But state officials held all-day workshops last week to collect public input and inform a set of permanent rules that fill in the blanks on everything from disposal practices to marketing and storage.

An example of the discussion topics: whether the state should allow marijuana home delivery services. Nevada Department of Taxation Director Deonne Contine said she floated the idea of a ban on such businesses and sought feedback from law enforcement and others about the concept, but may end up going with just tight regulation on the services.

Contine said she hopes to make draft regulations public by next week, when she aims to send them to the Legislative Counsel Bureau for formatting and a legal review. Once the LCB finishes their work, taxation officials will give the public 30 days of notice before the Tax Commission holds a hearing to adopt the regulations.

Contine said she doesn’t think the process has been disrupted by the departure of Anna Thornley, the agency’s deputy director who was hired early this year after a stint as president of the Nevada Taxpayers Association and was charged with standing up the recreational marijuana program. Thornley confirmed to The Nevada Independent last week that she was no longer with the department but declined to go into detail on the reasons.

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