Social Media Advertising Difficulties in the Cannabis Industry

One of the biggest challenges for any cannabis brand is capitalizing on the 35% of all internet traffic that is generated by social media. Marijuana social media advertising is restrictive because of the federal laws that classify cannabis as a Schedule I drug. It is not surprising to us why the terms of services for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+ are all very strict on what can be posted by businesses on their respective platforms.

The Problem

  1. All the major companies that have a social media platform are publicly traded. Technically, cannabis is illegal by federal standards. Since the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the Federal Reserve (banking) and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) are all programs regulated by the federal government, each one of the social media giants must tread carefully with the way that they allow businesses to have a presence on their platforms.
  2. Social Media platforms have no real age limits. It’s impossible to tell whether a 13 year old or a 50 year old are viewing social media posts related to cannabis, paraphernalia or other marijuana related businesses. The last thing that a social media platform is interested in, is promoting an adult use or illegal product to an underage person.
  3. Fear of penalties drives social media platforms to take a tougher stance on what type of content is promoted. Shareholders drive performance and vision social media giants and they do not want a federal penalty or investigation into whether or not they are following the laws of the United States. Social media platforms are profit first and if the cannabis industry poses a threat to the bottom line, then we expect more restrictions and more banning of pages. As long as the current Attorney General has a firm stance on keeping cannabis illegal and stunting the interstate growth, we don’t expect it to get any easier for cannabis and marijuana brands to establish an engaging social media presence.

Here are the trends for 2017 of social media platforms and where all the users are, and where your cannabis brand should be:

The Solution

Even though there are tight restrictions on marijuana social media advertising, it does not mean that your cannabis company cannot develop a strategy to showcase your products and services without the fear of getting banned.

The team at Kush Clicks has been working in the restricted industry space for over 10 years, 6 years in the paraphernalia industry and 2 years in the cannabis industry. There are tons of tips and tricks that work for gaining engagement and we will happily show you.

We all need to do our part to help the cannabis industry grow and that means adhering to the strict policies of your favorite social media channels.

Looking to navigate the social media waters and need strategies that work? Contact us for a quote based on what your cannabis business is looking to accomplish.


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