Social Media Tells Washington State that Hispanic Focused Anti-Marijuana Billboard is Offensive

Social Media has a massive following and it does not think twice about sharing its opinion. Politicians like President Trump and other officials turn to it to get their messages out, but also to see the consensus of opinion by the public. The state of Washington got the message quickly about a billboard they paid for that singled out Hispanics in an anti-marijuana campaign. While the billboard may not have had any intention of expressing prejudice, the creators had obviously not thought it out completely.

Original laws created roughly 80 years ago making marijuana illegal federally and placing it in the Schedule 1 category are theorized to have had malicious intentions towards minorities. To suggest that there are any particular groups that gravitate towards drug-use is certainly prejudice. Does it seem to you that all different types of people can like cannabis?

YAKIMA, Wash. — The Washington Department of Health is apologizing after some people were offended by anti-marijuana messaging aimed at Latino youth in the Yakima area.

The public health campaign includes advertisements and at least one billboard that says, “We don’t need pot to have fun,” and “We’re Hispanics … We’re cool by default.”

This anti-marijuana billboard in Yakima was paid for by the WA Department of Health. Some find it, well, offensive.

Health Department spokeswoman Julie Graham says it’s clear from the reaction on social media that some people were offended. The department said on its Twitter feed Tuesday that it will remove the billboard.

Our prevention billboard has offended some & we’re sorry. We’re taking steps to remove it as soon as possible.

Graham says the ads are part of a statewide effort to prevent teens from using marijuana. A group of about 60 local youth helped craft the message running in Yakima, which they thought would be effective in their demographic.

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