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Banking dangers throughout the 29 states that have legalized marijuana for recreational or medical use well documented information is not breaking news.

Banking Dangers in the Legal Marijuana Business

Banking dangers throughout the 29 states that have legalized marijuana either for recreational or medical use are well documented and the information is not breaking news. However, some of the lengths that legal marijuana dispensary or outlet owners have had to go to in an attempt to make their money safe without breaking the law are extraordinary and also unreasonable. […]

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Rapper Snoop Dogg joined John Lord's business as a promoter and has a line of weed named after him. Snoop Dogg is pictured with Lord and Lord's partner, Ling Monk

John Lord Wants to Go Home to New Zealand with His Marijuana

John Lord was born in New Zealand but his life trek took him to Colorado to become boss king of the legal marijuana industry in the state. New Zealand is now discussing the possibility of legalizing marijuana and John Lord would be excited to bring his craft back to his birthplace. Rapper Snoop Dogg joined John Lord’s business as a […]

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Southern Utahns flock to Mesquite, Nevada, as state opens recreational marijuana sales

Utah Residents Head to Nevada to Procure Recreational Marijuana

Utah residents are driving to their Nevada neighbor’s marijuana dispensaries to take advantage of the legalized recreational cannabis. Mesquite Nevada had a lot of tourists  from Utah come through over the weekend to visit the Deep Roots Harvest dispensary. Mesquite, Nev. • Despite the out-of-state locale, about half the cars at Deep Roots Harvest on Saturday morning carried Utah license plates. […]

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UN Report: Cannabis Still Hasn’t Caused a Single OD Death

New Research from the U.N. Suggest Marijuana Fatalities Do Not Exist

Marijuana fatalities are non-existent according to a report put out by the United Nations. The cannabis plant is in the center of massive turmoil around the world. Authorities are battling with the black market with gunfire, arrests and confiscation while in some places it is being accepted and legalized. In their 2017 World Drug Report, the United Nations Office on […]

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Midnight celebrations, large crowds usher in Nevada's recreational marijuana sales

Sin City Marijuana, A Glimpse into a Memorable Night in Vegas

Sin City marijuana may end up being the best there is, especially after its first day of parties, music and very long and hot lines of enthusiastic customers. The sentiment in Las Vegas is that of people feeling liberated and having an independence they have been impatiently waiting for. Do you think it was a coincidence that Nevada sped through […]

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Washington Changes Cannabis Advertising Rules, Calls for Home Grow Report

Cannabis Advertising in Washington Cannot Include Movie Characters

Cannabis advertising cannot include movie or cartoon characters in Washington as well as a number of other restrictions. Federal restrictions are likely the cause of many state laws involving medical and recreational marijuana. Last week, reforms to Washington ‘s adult-use cannabis program took effect, allowing businesses to apply for trademark protections, making changes to industry advertising rules, and requiring the […]

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93% of Patients Prefer Cannabis Over Opioids For Managing Pain, According to New Study

Symptom Relief Better with Medical Marijuana than Opiate Based Pharmaceuticals

Symptom relief with marijuana use is optimal over using opiates as treatment a study shows from the University of California, Berkeley and Kent State. 93% of the 2,810 participants agreed that cannabis treatment with opiates was better than opiate drugs alone and 81% said they would prefer cannabis treatment alone. A new study has investigated what patients themselves prefer when […]

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Rocker John Mayer has replaced his penchant for alcohol with marijuana.

John Mayer and His New Found Love of Marijuana

John Mayer is famous for his music and his womanizing and it seems like now he has developed a new found fondness. In a recent interview he talked about how marijuana is something he finds relaxing and prefers it over alcohol though what he really wants is Katy Perry. What would you prefer? Rocker John Mayer has replaced his penchant […]

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artificial intelligence to find which strain is best for you

Artificial Intelligence Now Can be Used to Find Just the Right Marijuana Strain

Artificial Intelligence is now being put to use in facilitating searches for the right medical marijuana strain to match medical conditions. The same software has been used in assisting people with Pre-Alzheimer’s, however research on the complex cannabis plant is still ongoing and until more is know about cannabinoids and terpenes, any AI tech is not likely to work very […]

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