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Pawn Stars is a reality television show about people that run a pawn shop and their wild antics. goes by Chumlee is a cannabis enthusiast

Pawn Stars Chumlee Fakes Death from Marijuana Overdose

Pawn Stars is a reality television show about people that run a pawn shop and their wild antics. One show participant that goes by Chumlee is a cannabis enthusiast and thought it might be humorous to pretend to be dead from a marijuana overdose. Austin “Chumlee” Russell from “Pawn Stars” being found dead from a marijuana overdose or heart attack […]

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Facebook advertising set guidelines to what mj is allowed and how to advertise. Facebook has to deal w federal rules that outlaw national advertising mj

Facebook Advertising Protocols Closing Alaskan Cannabis Dispensary Pages

Facebook advertising has set guidelines as to what is permissible to advertise and how to advertise. The social media giant has to contend with federal rules that outlaw national advertising and ensure that Facebook maintains its family suitable persona. Alaskan dispensaries have apparently not been playing by the rules. Some Alaska marijuana shops have suddenly found themselves with one less outlet […]

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Rapper Snoop Dogg joined John Lord's business as a promoter and has a line of weed named after him. Snoop Dogg is pictured with Lord and Lord's partner, Ling Monk

John Lord Wants to Go Home to New Zealand with His Marijuana

John Lord was born in New Zealand but his life trek took him to Colorado to become boss king of the legal marijuana industry in the state. New Zealand is now discussing the possibility of legalizing marijuana and John Lord would be excited to bring his craft back to his birthplace. Rapper Snoop Dogg joined John Lord’s business as a […]

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Washington Changes Cannabis Advertising Rules, Calls for Home Grow Report

Cannabis Advertising in Washington Cannot Include Movie Characters

Cannabis advertising cannot include movie or cartoon characters in Washington as well as a number of other restrictions. Federal restrictions are likely the cause of many state laws involving medical and recreational marijuana. Last week, reforms to Washington ‘s adult-use cannabis program took effect, allowing businesses to apply for trademark protections, making changes to industry advertising rules, and requiring the […]

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93% of Patients Prefer Cannabis Over Opioids For Managing Pain, According to New Study

Symptom Relief Better with Medical Marijuana than Opiate Based Pharmaceuticals

Symptom relief with marijuana use is optimal over using opiates as treatment a study shows from the University of California, Berkeley and Kent State. 93% of the 2,810 participants agreed that cannabis treatment with opiates was better than opiate drugs alone and 81% said they would prefer cannabis treatment alone. A new study has investigated what patients themselves prefer when […]

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