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Rapper Snoop Dogg joined John Lord's business as a promoter and has a line of weed named after him. Snoop Dogg is pictured with Lord and Lord's partner, Ling Monk

John Lord Wants to Go Home to New Zealand with His Marijuana

John Lord was born in New Zealand but his life trek took him to Colorado to become boss king of the legal marijuana industry in the state. New Zealand is now discussing the possibility of legalizing marijuana and John Lord would be excited to bring his craft back to his birthplace. Rapper Snoop Dogg joined John Lord’s business as a […]

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UN Report: Cannabis Still Hasn’t Caused a Single OD Death

New Research from the U.N. Suggest Marijuana Fatalities Do Not Exist

Marijuana fatalities are non-existent according to a report put out by the United Nations. The cannabis plant is in the center of massive turmoil around the world. Authorities are battling with the black market with gunfire, arrests and confiscation while in some places it is being accepted and legalized. In their 2017 World Drug Report, the United Nations Office on […]

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Rocker John Mayer has replaced his penchant for alcohol with marijuana.

John Mayer and His New Found Love of Marijuana

John Mayer is famous for his music and his womanizing and it seems like now he has developed a new found fondness. In a recent interview he talked about how marijuana is something he finds relaxing and prefers it over alcohol though what he really wants is Katy Perry. What would you prefer? Rocker John Mayer has replaced his penchant […]

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