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Facebook advertising set guidelines to what mj is allowed and how to advertise. Facebook has to deal w federal rules that outlaw national advertising mj

Facebook Advertising Protocols Closing Alaskan Cannabis Dispensary Pages

Facebook advertising has set guidelines as to what is permissible to advertise and how to advertise. The social media giant has to contend with federal rules that outlaw national advertising and ensure that Facebook maintains its family suitable persona. Alaskan dispensaries have apparently not been playing by the rules. Some Alaska marijuana shops have suddenly found themselves with one less outlet […]

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How do you capitalize on social media marketing for the cannabis industry when there are so many restrictions and difficulties for marijuana companies

Social Media Advertising Difficulties in the Cannabis Industry

One of the biggest challenges for any cannabis brand is capitalizing on the 35% of all internet traffic that is generated by social media. Marijuana social media advertising is restrictive because of the federal laws that classify cannabis as a Schedule I drug. It is not surprising to us why the terms of services for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+ are […]

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Washington Changes Cannabis Advertising Rules, Calls for Home Grow Report

Cannabis Advertising in Washington Cannot Include Movie Characters

Cannabis advertising cannot include movie or cartoon characters in Washington as well as a number of other restrictions. Federal restrictions are likely the cause of many state laws involving medical and recreational marijuana. Last week, reforms to Washington ‘s adult-use cannabis program took effect, allowing businesses to apply for trademark protections, making changes to industry advertising rules, and requiring the […]

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