There Will Be No Marijuana in Las Vegas Casinos

Recreational marijuana began sales in Nevada on July 1st, and the big question has been; when will the casinos take advantage of the industry by allowing guests to smoke in the hotel. But, there will be no marijuana in casinos in Las Vegas for right now. As long as marijuana stays illegal on the federal level, then the Nevada Gaming Commission says there will be no marijuana in the casinos if they want to keep their licenses.

Washington D.C. has been provided medical reasons, civil reasons, tax reasons and business reasons to remove marijuana as a Schedule 1 drug, but they will not budge. What other reasons does the current administration need?

Nevada’s gambling regulators are grappling with how to deal with the state’s latest legal vice – recreational marijuana – and they’ve made it clear that pot doesn’t belong in casinos.

In the first of a series of policy discussions, the Nevada Gaming Commission reiterated that as long as marijuana consumption and possession is viewed as a felony by federal authorities, it will have no place in Nevada casinos.

Commissioners said the reputation of the gaming industry is at stake and there needs to be clear separation.

“On one hand you have the gaming industry and on the other hand you have the marijuana industry … The two shall not meet,” Commission Chairman Tony Alamo said.

Commissioners did, however, spend more than an hour discussing what Alamo said would be the least controversial aspects of potentially bringing marijuana into casino resorts – third-party and business associations between licensees and individuals and companies involved in the marijuana industry.

That aspect was shot down, though. No votes were taken, but commissioners unanimously concluded that licensees should be discouraged from hosting shows or conferences that promote the use, sale, cultivation or distribution of marijuana.

Licensees also shouldn’t maintain business relationships with marijuana companies, including landlord-tenant arrangements.

Commissioners also said licensees should not receive financing from or provide financing to an individual, entity or establishment that sells, cultivates or distributes marijuana.

In that discussion, commissioners agreed that there is not enough separation in spousal relationships for a gaming company to be allowed to conduct business with the wife or husband of anyone involved in the marijuana business.

Marijuana policy will be discussed over a series of commission meetings in future months, Alamo said.

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