White House Requesting Information From States on Medical Marijuana Patients

The White House has been sending letters to some states that have legalized medical marijuana, requesting information about the patients that registered with the state to receive medical cannabis. Massachusetts Governor, Charlie Baker, expressed some concern about the requests and publicly reassured the people of Massachusetts that he would not be sharing anything that would compromise anyone’s personal identity.

The federal government has maintained an anti-cannabis stance despite a lot of new information indicating that marijuana has some very real medicinal properties. States that have legalized cannabis are anxiously watching Washington D.C. to see what it is going to do now that more than half the country has legalized medical cannabis. The Attorney General and the rest of the Department of Justice have expressed interest in cracking down on states that have legalized cannabis but have been held back by congressional measures that remove the funding they would need to pursue the action. Why would the federal government need the personal information of medical marijuana patients for anyways?

BOSTON — The federal government is asking the state of Massachusetts to turn over information on the 40,000 patients who were prescribed medical marijuana.

The request coming from the White House’s National Marijuana initiative has Governor Charlie Baker concerned.

Some of the data requested is generic, like the gender and age of the patient. However, Baker is concerned about the requests for information on specific patient conditions.

“I guess it would depend a lot on exactly what they ask for, but the bottom line here is we’re not going to do anything that puts anybody’s personal information in jeopardy,” Baker said.

Baker says no information will be turned over to the federal government that will compromise patients.

“We just got the request. We won’t do anything that is going to violate anybody’s privacy. I can promise you that,” Baker said.

Massachusetts isn’t the only state that has been contacted by the federal government.

So far the state has complied and given general information like the age of the patient and date of the prescription, but not information on medical conditions. The state says that data could actually be used to identify the patient.

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